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Bridges and Barriers in Metalinguistic Discourse


Anna Duszak and Urszula Okulska

Contents: Anna Duszak/Urszula Okulska: Vices of metalinguistic communication: Problems and perspectives – Heinz Vater: Autonomy and interdisciplinarity in different areas of linguistics – Zdzisław Wąsik: Understanding the existence modes of language and the division of linguistic labor – Anna Siewierska: Linguistic typology: Where functionalism and formalism almost meet – Anatolij Dorodnych: Newer is better? Language monopoly as a metalinguistic problem – Jan Piotrowski: Building methodological bridges: On the empiricity of linguistic theories – Maria Kasperkiewicz: Interdisciplinarity in historical linguistics. A panchronic generative analysis of language change – Robert de Beaugrande: Metalinguistic discourse and the dilemma of writing versus speech – Stephen Cowley/Nigel Love: Language and cognition, or, How to avoid the conduit metaphor – Przemysław Żywiczyński: Linguistic axiology and ethology of speaking: A case for methodological eclecticism – Małgorzata Sokół: Genre analysis and digital communication: New approaches to genre theory – Urszula Okulska: Diachronic corpus research: Towards a holistic reconstruction of the spoken modality of English – Tomasz Krzeszowski: Barriers in communication – Maurizio Gotti: Metalinguistic considerations in 17th-century specialized discourse – Anna Duszak: ‘Metalanguageing’ and styling in academic communication – Tomasz Fojt: Figurative language analysis: A case for interdisciplinarity – Irina Sklema-Litwin: Impressionistic labelling in voice quality studies – Mirosława Podhajecka: Language contact: Problems of metalinguistic description – Norman Fairclough: Building bridges and overcoming barriers? Discourse analysis as transdisciplinary research – Piotr Cap: Extending the boundaries of (persuasive) discourse analysis: A Cognitive Grammar contribution – Daniela Wawra: Language and peacock tails: The evolution of language by sexual selection – Dilek Kantar/Yeşim Aksan: A linguistic cross between form and content in fiction – Katarzyna Molek-Kozakowska: Bridging an uncommon past with a common future? Reconciling literary and linguistic critical analyses of poetic texts on the example of Allen Ginsberg’s «Howl».