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Identity, Education and Citizenship – Multiple Interrelations

Multiple Interrelations


Jonas Sprogøe and Thyge Winther-Jensen

Contents: Jonas Sprogøe/Thyge Winther-Jensen: Preface – Jagdish Gundara: The Sacred and the Secular: Multiple Citizenship and Education – Yasemin Nuhoglu Soysal: How Europe Teaches Itself? – Svein Lorentzen: National Identities in Transition: An Agenda for Educational Change – Ann Doyle: Educational Equality, Religion, and Social Integration: France and England – Koji Nakamura: The Compatibility of British Identities with European Citizenship: Qualitative and Quantitative Research – Carme Martinez-Roca: Educational Policies of Arabic Language in Spain: One Nation, Multiple Belongings – Thomas S. Popkewitz: Cosmopolitanism, Science, and the Sublime in the Construction of Schooling: A Comparative Approach to Comparative Education – Jürgen Schriewer : Les Mondes Multiples de l’Education : Rhétoriques Éducatives Mondialisées et Cadres Socio-Culturels de la Réflexion – Roberto Albarea/Davide Zoletto: Living the Betweenness - Paradoxes and Rhetorics: Comparative Attitude and Educational Style – Jason Beech: Redefining Educational Transfer: International Agencies and the (Re)production of Educational Ideas – Terri Kim: Building a Business: A Comparative Note on the Changing Identities of the British University – Ana Isabel Madeira: Framing Concepts in Colonial Education: A Comparative Analyses of Educational Discourses at the Turn of the Nineteenth to the Twentieth Century – Shin’ichi Suzuki: Towards Holistic Knowledge-Base for Learning Facilitators: Conflict Between the Global and the Local? – Dimitris Mattheou: Can the Local be Turned into the Global? Europeanization and the Quality of Higher Education in Greece – Michael Abelson: The Civic Mission of the University and the European Challenge – George Stamelos/Yiouli Papadiamantaki/Andreas Vassilopoulos: European Policies Implementation in the Greek Primary Education University Departments (PTDEs) – Jean-Jacques Paul: Do European Universities Train Their Students to Face Knowledge-Based Societies? – Vlatka Domović/Zlata Godler: Dilemmas, Uncertainties, and Indecisions about the Future of Teacher Education: The Case of Croatia – Søeren Ehlers: The Decline and Fall of «Folkeoplysning and Adult Education»: Nordic Policy-Making during the Transition from Adult Education to Adult Learning – Régis Malet: Is Culture Paramount? School Reform in England and France in the Age of Globalisation – John R. Mallea: Multiple Identities, Education and Citizenship: A Canadian Viewpoint – Robert Cowen: Afterword: The Seven Deadly Sins of Comparative Education?