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The Musical Voyager: Berlioz in Europe


David Charlton and Katharine Ellis

Contents: Christina Bashford: More than Dedication? Hector Berlioz and John Ella – George Biddlecombe: Berlioz and the London Musical Scene – Gabriella Dideriksen: Benvenuto Cellini and the Politics of Opera Production in Mid-Victorian London – Sarah Hibberd: Berlioz’s Waterloo? Benvenuto Cellini in London – Mark A. Pottinger: The Breslau Concert Tour of 1846: Provincial German Insights into Berlioz’s Music and Aesthetic – Linda Edmondson: Berlioz and Cultural Politics in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Russia – Elena Dolenko: Hector Berlioz as Reflected in the Russian Press of his Time – Ian Rumbold: Berlioz and Le Freyschütz – Michael Fend: The Diabolical in Berlioz’s La damnation de Faust – Vera Micznik: The Musico-Dramatic Narrative of Berlioz’s Lélio – Peter Raby: Shakespeare in Paris, 1827 – Rainer Schmusch: Shakespeare and the Genesis of Programme Music: the Mottoes of Berlioz’s Huit scènes de Faust – Katherine Kolb: Berlioz’s Othello.