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Science and Environmental Education

Towards the Integration of Science Education, Experimental Science Activities and Environmental Education


Ulisses Miranda Azeiteiro, Fernando J. Gonçalves and Ruth Pereira

Contents: Marina Prieto Afonso Lencastre: Environmental Ethics and Moral Behaviour – Luís Marques/Amparo Vilches/Daniel Gil-Pérez/João Praia/David Thompson: The Current Planetary Crisis - A Missing Dimension in Science Education – Graça Martinho/Ana Paula Martinho/Maria Paula Nunes/Graça Gonçalves: Retrospective of Twelve Years (1990-2002) of Environmental Education in Portuguese Schools – Paula Bacelar-Nicolau/Leonor Bacelar Nicolau/Jorge M.M. Galamba/Ulisses M. Azeiteiro: Environmental Literacy in Biodiversity Terms, at the End of the Compulsory School - Case Study in Amadora, Portugal – Marina Prieto Afonso Lencastre/Cristina Leite: Popular Science and Environmental Education - A Case Study in Ecological Ethnography – Ana Cláudia Oliveira/António Luís: Knowledge of Portuguese Wild Fauna among Pupils attending Basic Education – Márcia Andrade/Marina Lencastre/Rui Leal: Visual Anthropology in the Project TERRA: Photographing the Place - Environmental Conceptions of 3rd Cycle Pupils in Portugal – Marina Prieto Afonso Lencastre/Rui Marcelino Leal: Educational Narrativity and Environmental Literacies - The TERRA Project – Catarina Ribeiro Marques/Joana Luísa Pereira/Nelson Abrantes/Fernando Gonçalves: Use of Bioindicators in Water Quality Assessment - Applicability to Several Education Levels – Sara C. Antunes/Anna M.M. Gonçalves/Ana S. Almeida/Fernando Gonçalves/Ruth Pereira: Edaphic Fauna as a Tool to Perceive Biodiversity - A Stepwise Learning Experience – Sérgio M. Marques/Fernando Gonçalves/Ruth Pereira: Experimental Amphibian Response to Climate Change Might Reveal why Dinosaurs Become Extinct – Ana M.M. Gonçalves/Sara C. Antunes/Ruth Pereira/Fernando Gonçalves: The Input of Nutrients in Freshwater Ecosystems - A Simulation of the Eutrophication Process – Ana M.M. Gonçalves/Bruno B. Castro/Fernando Gonçalves: Toxicity Effects of Sodium Chloride - A Tool to Perceive Environmental Change in Freshwater Ecosystems – Patrícia Ana Costa/Joana Luísa Pereira/Fernando Gonçalves: Ecology and Conservation in Primary School - A Case-Study with Tyto Alba Dietary Regime – Sónia Costa/Filipe Martinho/Carlos Palmeira/Miguel Ângelo Pardal: Overfishing, Aquaculture and the Problem of Food Quality - A Case Study for Portuguese Students – Arminda Pedrosa/Maria José S.M. Moreno: Sustainable Development, Problem Solving and Citizenship Nowadays - Reflections Based on a Study with University Students – Sandra Sofia Caeiro/Ana Paula Martinho/Maria Paula Nunes/Patricia Ventura: Household Sustainable Consumption - An Evaluation of Environmental Awareness Materials – José S.M. Moreno/Arminda Pedrosa: Ecologic Sustainability and Individual and Collective Everyday Practices - Views of the EQOFAR – Ana Isabel Baptista/Fernando Manuel Raposo Morgado: A Citizens View about Media Contribution to Environmental Education – Silvia Maria Francisco/Fernando Manuel Raposo Morgado: School Community Insight about Media Contribution to the Environmental Education Improvement – Paulo Dias/António Nogueira/Fernando Morgado: Analysis of Environmental and Socioeconomic Asymmetries among Interior and Litoral Areas in a Sustainable Development Perspective.