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Innovation, Education and Communication for Sustainable Development


Walter Leal Filho

Contents: Michael Atchia: Environment, Education and Peace – Eugenia Aloj/Mariagrazia De Castro/Anna Zollo: The Role of the Scientific Community for the Actuation of the Sustainable Development Strategies in the Connection among the Different Stakeholders – Gunter Pauli: Autopoetic Learning - The Age-Old Learning through Fables combined with Modern Day Systems Design – Anna Birney/Benedict Hren/Liz Jackson/Patricia Kendell: Creating Pathways to Change – Almut Beringer: Sustainability in Higher Education and Conservation Psychology: Theoretical Perspectives and Research Needs - A Contribution to the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development – Julie D. Johnston: Educating for Sustainable Development by Teaching about Sustainable Development - A Community Learning Together – Sandra Wooltorton: A Participatory Approach to Learning Sustainability – Sarah Holdsworth/Sarah Bekessy/Carolyn Hayles/Peliwe Mnguni/Ian Thomas: Beyond Leather Patches: Sustainability Education at RMIT University, Australia – Joost Platje: Challenges in Introducing Sustainable Development Education at Universities - Examples of Poland – Carmen Bucovala: Towards an Education for Sustainable Development National Strategy in Romania – Svetlana Chernikova: Innovative Approaches in Education for Sustainable Development at Saint-Petersburg State University – Elise S. Houghton/Lawrence A. White: Environmental and Sustainability Education in Ontario - A Disorienting Dilemma – James Pitt: Learning about Sustainability through Design & Technology Education: the Sustainable Design Award – David B. Zandvliet/Janet Moore/Meg Holden/Rob VanWynesburghe: Education for Sustainable Development - The Great Northern Way – M.Y. Kononova/O.G. Nikonova/P.P. Pirozhok: Sustainable Development for the Real-Estate Management of Resort, Sport and Tourism Objects – Anke Zenker-Hoffmann/Markus Will/Maja Posselt/Bernd Delakowitz: The International Education Network «Neisse University» - A Contribution to a Sustainable Higher Education in the Enlarged European Union – María Novo: Research and Innovation on Sustainable Development from the Environmental Education Field – James Derounian: Do as I do, not as I say! Preaching what we Practice – Jolie Mayer-Smith/Linda Peterat/Oksana Bartosh: Growing Together to Understand Sustainability - An Intergenerational Farming Project – David Carpenter/Robert Dyball: «Outside In» - Experiential Education for Sustainability – Michael Littledyke: Science and Environmental Education for Initial Teacher Education – Alexander Fehér: Implementation of Education for Sustainable Development in an Agricultural University – Endla Reintam/Merrit Noormets/Kaire Rannik/Raimo Kõlli: Some Innovative Approaches for Teaching Soil Science at University Level – Laima Galkute: School Agenda 21 - From Policy to Practice – Kendal Hodgman: A Whole of Government Sustainability Approach – Remigijus Ciegis/Dalia Gineitiene: The University in the Promotion of Sustainability – Julian Swindell: The Information Villages of Pondicherry - A Case Study in Capacity Building for Sustainable Development – Alister Scott: Communicating Sustainability Research - Theoretical and Practical Challenges – Jette Egelund Holgaard: Environmental Communication in a Learning Perspective - Experiences from the Danish Electronic Industry – Chris Russill/Joshua M. Pearce: Sustainability Communication in American Model Research Universities - A Pragmatist Heuristic and the Rationale for Energy Service Projects – Rebecca Schiff: Engaging Cross-Sectoral Communication for the Development of Sustainable Food Systems – Christy Newman/Peter Newman/Robert Whitehead: Campaign for Sydney - Media