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«Beowulf» and Beyond


Hans Sauer and Renate Bauer

Contents: Hans Sauer: Introduction – Manfred Malzahn/Muhammad Abu al-Fadl Badran: Beowulf in Arabia: Teaching heroic poetry in a post-heroic age – Patrizia Lendinara: Translating Doomsday: De die iudicii and its Old English translation (Judgement Day II) – Alfred Bammesberger: Old English runic inscriptions: Textual criticism and historical grammar – Ian Kirby: The Narragansett runic inscription, Rhode Island – Michiko Ogura: Old English preverbal elements with adverbial counterparts – Hans Sauer: Old English words for people in the Épinal-Erfurt glossary – Claire Fennell: The assize of bread (1256) – Conrad Lindberg: Revising the Wyclif Bible – Michael W. Twomey: Chaucer’s Latinity – Saburo Oka: Chaucer’s Troilus in a new comparative context – Liliana Sikorska: Between penance and purgatory: Margery Kempe’s Pélerinage de la vie humaine and the idea of salvaging journeys – Carol Kaske: Malory’s critique of violence before and just after the oath of the Round Table – Saara Nevanlinna: Observations on the loss of final plosive consonants in late Middle English rhyme-words – Manfred Markus: Hyphens and hyper-hyphens in Middle English (corpus-based) – Horst Weinstock: Medieval English and German: A guide to modern similarities and dissimilarities.