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Gender and Citizenship in a Multicultural Context

Elzbieta Oleksy, Andrea Petö and Berteke Waaldijk

Contents: Ingrid Maria Hoofd: Feminist Activism in the High-tech West: The Complicity of Transversal and Networked Politics in Speed – Daniela Gronold: A European Matter: Examples of «Lived Citizenship» in the Slovenian Nation State – Isabelle Carles: Interdisciplinary Research Group on «Gender and Migration». Citizenship and Rights: the Use of Racial Anti-discrimination Laws in a Gender Perspective – Simon Lapierre/Katrin Bain: Parental Responsibility and Partnership: Citizenship and Gender in British Children and Families Social Services – Arturas Tereskinas: Lithuanian Gays and Lesbians «Coming Out» in the Public/Private Divide: Sexual Citizenship Lithuanian Style – Barbara Bagilhole/Abigail Powell/Andrew Dainty: What Is It About UK Engineering Higher Education (HE) that Deters Women from an Engineering Career – Cathrine Hasse/Maja Hojer: Acknowledging Materiality as Agential Literacy – Małgorzata Miazek/Jenny Vainio: Reconciliation of Work and Family: Gender Differences Among Finnish and Polish Physicists – Marie-Pierre Moreau: « Plus Ça Change, Plus C’est La Même Chose ? » : A Cross-National Comparison Of Gender Inequalities In The Teaching Profession – Julie Jarty: «Work/Life» Balance Regulations and Citizenship in Europe: A Comparative Study of Teachers’ Careers in France and Spain – Cornelia Schneider: Gender Action Plans - Effective Instruments for Promoting Gender Equality in the Sixth EU Framework Programme? Results of a Survey carried out by the FiF Contact Point «Women into EU Research» – Liedeke Plate: A Chapter in Cultural History? Literary «Re-Vision» and Citizenship – Edyta Just: The Visual Representation of IVF – Julie D. Palmer: The «Technofetus» as Citizen: The Impact of Three-Dimensional Ultrasound – Jelena Petrovic: Screening the Margins: The Representation of the Roma/Gypsy Woman in Film Production – Katarzyna Szmigiero: Masculinity and Madness: Cultural Representations of Mentally Ill Men – Carolyn Pedwell: Intersections and Entanglements: Tracing «the Anorexic» and «the Veiled Woman» – Emilia Korytkowska: «He Will Make You Suffer!» - Masculism’s Encounters with «the Arab» in the Context of Polish-Arab Intermarriages.