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Information, Communication and Education on Climate Change – European Perspectives


Walter Leal Filho, Franziska Mannke and Philipp Schmidt-Thomé

Contents: Jill Cook/Doogie Black/Angela Bentham/Tania Stadsbader/Jorn Peters/Lesley van Dijk/Mark Goldthorpe/Tim Yair/Fran Wallington/Meinte de Hoogh/Michael Belau: ESPACE - A New Transnational Approach to Adapting to the Impacts of Climate Change – Philipp Schmidt-Thomé/ Johannes Klein: Communicating Climate Change Impacts - an Approach Derived from two Regional Development Projects – Hans von Storch/Anders Omstedt/Hans-Jörg Isemer: Baltex Assessment of Climate Change for the Baltic Sea Basin (BACC) – Philip Gray/Shane Conway: Promoting Climate Friendly Communities in Northamptonshire, United Kingdom – Remigijus Ciegis/Dalia Streimikiene/Dalia Gineitiene: Climate Change Mitigation and Sustainability: Educational Issues – Simo Haanpää/Lasse Peltonen: Case Study Research as Bridge Builder between Science and the Society - The Rationale behind the ASTRA 2005 Winter Storm Study – Eugenia Aloj/Mariagrazia De Castro/Anna Zollo: Educational Actions in Italy to face the Problem of Climate Change – Evangelos I. Manolas: Teaching Global Climate Change as a Controversial Issue - Active Learning in Higher Education – Gerald Schernewski/Steffen Bock/Holger Janßen/Nardine Löser/Annemone Hmielorz: Regional Climate Change and Coasts - A Case Study on Perception, Information, Dissemination and Education – Birte Frommer/Lena Herlitzius: KLARA-Net: An Interdisciplinary Action Oriented Approach on Climate Change Adaptation – F.M. Chambers/J.R.G. Daniell/Sally A. Brain: Climate Change, Featuring the ACCROTELM Project: Dissemination of a European RTD Project by Film and DVD – Arunas Bukantis/Linas Kliucininkas/Egidijus Rimkus/Elena Talockaite: Raising Awareness of Climate Change: Experience in Lithuania – Walter Leal Filho/Franziska Mannke: Linking Sustainability, Education, Communication and Climate Change - Some International Approaches and Good Practice.