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The Media and International Communication


Barbara Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk, Tomasz Pludowski and Dolores Valencia Tanno

Contents: Barbara Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk: European citizenship, national identity and social imagery – Irmina Wawrzyczek/Zbigniew Mazur: ‘Wyspiarze’ v ‘biało-czerwoni’: the discursive construction of national identities in the Polish sports press 2004 – Iwona Mazur: Polish editions of international magazines: are they vehicles for glocalization? – Łukasz Wordliczek: The impact of public opinion polls on foreign policy in Poland and the United States. The case of war in Iraq – Hanna Szewczyk: Pout or charisma? The representations of actors and actresses in popular British film magazines – Philip Young: As clear as your conscience. The influence of ethical frameworks in public relations practice – Iwona Witczak-Plisiecka: Language attitudes, law and the media in the united Europe - the case of minority languages in Ireland and Great Britain – Robert Beveridge: Nation or region? Media policy in Scotland – Rob Campbell: The export of British journalism to the USA: a preliminary survey – Tomasz Płudowski: Recent criticisms of American media and journalism, and the Media Reform Movement – Grażyna Zygadło: Mythical space(s): revisions of the American west – Rukhsana Ahmed/Min Wha Han: The process of representation of Muslim women in the U.S. media: a rhetorical analysis of texts and countertexts – Paweł Laidler: Different aspects of freedom of the press in the United States Supreme Court’s decisions – Richard Profozich: The commercialization of American media and its effect on news reporting – Dolores Valencia Tanno: Intercultural communication: its theories, its practices, its value – M. Antonieta Gallegos-Ruiz/Robin Larsen: Universidad Intercultural: a poem, seven languages, and a 30-year-old dream – Konca Yumlu/Dilek Yeşiltuna: Acceptance of internationally based genres in Turkey – Martine de Clercq: Media as cultural mediator for communication as community-making; the role of academia and books – Adam Bednarek: Some observations on Canadian verbal culture in Toronto – Joanna Ślósarska: Metaphors in modern cosmologies as a tool to communicate the common image of the world – Mariusz Bartosiak: Theatrical communication: possibilities and limitations – Magdalena Cieślak: High-pop: Shakespeare revisiting mass culture – Kevin Magee: Kino-eye and the projectivist breath-space: Dziga Vertov’s and Charles Olson’s founding affinities – Przemysław Żywiczyński: Politeness and aggression: a study of message board communication – Todd S. Frobish: Portents of the potent pornographer: a rhetorical examination of the ten online strategies successful pornographers exploit to earn profit – Małgorzata Sokół: Private self and institutional self in academic e-discourse: the case of an electronic seminar – Tomasz Fojt: Globalization - localization tensions – Łukasz Bogucki: Subtitled, dubbed or voiced-over? Choices in audiovisual translation – Małgorzata Kul: Metaphonology in text messages.