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Education as a Societal Contributor

Reflections by Finnish Educationalists

Ritva Jakku-Sihvonen and Hannele Niemi

Contents: Ritva Jakku-Sihvonen/Hannele Niemi: Introduction – Michael Uljens: Education and Societal Change in the Global Age – Ari Kivelä/Pauli Siljander: Education in Finland - Theoretical Shifts of the Past Decades – Pauli Siljander: Education and «Bildung» in Modern Society - Developmental Trends of Finnish Educational and Sociocultural Processes – Päivi Atjonen: Educational Technology and Technology Education for a Better Private and Public Life - Principles and Practices from the Finnish Viewpoint – Pentti Hakkarainen: Curriculum Models of Early Childhood Education – Pertti Kansanen: Research-based Teacher Education – Leena Krokfors: Two-fold Role of Pedagogical Practice in Research-based Teacher Education – Veijo Meisalo: Subject Teacher Education in Finland: a Research-based Approach - The Role of Subject Didactics and Networking in Teacher Education – Viljo Kohonen: Towards Transformative Foreign Language Teacher Education: the Subject Teacher as a Professional Social Actor – Ritva Jakku-Sihvonen: Curricula for Majoring in Education – Anna Raija Nummenmaa/Tiina Soini: Post Graduate Studies in Educational Sciences.