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The Role of Women in Central Europe after EU Enlargement

Challenges of Gender Equality Policy in a Wider Europe


Stella Avallone and Bianca Valota-Cavallotti

Contents: Stella Avallone: Introduction – Bianca Valota-Cavallotti: Introduction – Matteo Fornara: Introduction – Arianna Censi: Introduction – Elisabetta Magistretti: Introduction – Sonja Lokar: How to become women of one Europe? – Barbara Wicha: From malestream via gender blindness and gender neutrality to gender mainstreaming: Insistent feminist removal of barriers in society and science in Austria – Emma Scaramuzza: From the story of women to gender history. Thirty years of trends and research – Hana Mařiková: Gender Equality in the Czech Republic - The position and status of women before and after 1989 – Andrea Petö: The Archeology of History? Women’s History and Gender History in Eastern Europe – Andrea Petö: Writing Women’s History in East Central Europe – Magdalena Šroda: Writing Women’s History in East Central Europe – Zora Butorova: Women in Slovakia: Old Problems and New Challenges – Annemarie Türk: Living on thin ice. On the situation of women artists in Central and Eastern Europe – Maria Theresa Fumagalli Beonio Brocchieri: A genre of culture – Magdalena Dietlovà: How women can succeed in cultural confrontation after the fall of the iron curtain – Krisztina Sandor: Women in Margit Kaffka’s prose – Agnieszka Reklajtis: Women’s self-awareness and mass culture. The programme: ‘Childbirth with Dignity’. A case study – Miroslava Vallova: The winged woman. The poetical female subject in Slovakia in the last decade – Karmen Spiljak: Reconstruction of female identity in popular culture – Isabella Lindner: Women in macroeconomic institutions in the EU - prospects and challenges – Marina Calloni: Sharing common issues: the under-representation of Italian women in politics and in the workplace – Dita Stejskalova: Women in the business and economy sector in the Czech Republic – Terezia Borosné Bartha: Current gender equality issues in the Hungarian labour market – Ewa Lisowska: The Role of Women in the Economy (The case of Poland) – Andreja Crnak-Meglic: The gender dimension of the labour market and the welfare state in Slovenia – Helga Konrad: Women for the Renewal of Politics and Society: On the Road to Gender Democracy – Laura Mirachian: The role of women in South-East Europe from the point of view of an Italian woman diplomat – Michaela Marksová-Tominová: European Women as Professionals, Mothers and Housewives: East meets West – Zita Gurmai: Women’s situation and women’s role in Europe – Irena Lipowicz: The Role of Women in a Process of Transformation - Parliament, Government, Local Autonomy – Klara Novotna: Contribution of women to the dialogue of civilizations – Sonja Lokar: Women and International Relations in Slovenia.