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Changing Knowledge and Education

Communities, Mobilities and New Policies in Global Societies


Miguel A. Pereyra

Contents: Miguel A. Pereyra: Preface – Robert Cowen: CESE Presidential Address. What Did We Forget? – John W. Meyer: Building Education for a World Society – Bernd Zymek: Two Faces of Internationalisation: Empirical Findings and Socio-historic Interpretation – Masako Shibata: New Geographies and Regionalism in Education in Asia: Some Reflection on Europe – Shin’ichi Suzuki: Toward Learning Beyond Nation-States: Where and How? Conflicting Paradigms of Nationalism: East Asia & Europe – Veronika Sušová: Empire in the School: Political Socialization Strategies within Educational Systems of Multiethnic Empire-States: Cisleithania and European Russia 1875-1918 in Comparison – Leslie Bash: Faith, Science and Modernity: Some Issues for Education in the 21st Century – David Coulby: Old and New Empires: Religion in Schools, Universities and Madrassas in Europe – George Flouris/George Pasias: Education at Risk? Discourses of Dystopia and the New ‘Panopticon’ in the ‘Europe of Knowledge’ – Hannu Simola/Risto Rinne: Researching the Political Effects of Quality Assurance and Evaluation in Education - Reflections on Some Comparative Issues in Sociology and the Politics of Education in the Audit Society – François Orivel/Estelle Orivel : Analyse économique de l’E-Learning : Quelques pistes pour le futur – Virpi Honkanen: Higher Education Graduates’ Self-Employment in Europe – Philippe Moguérou: Is There a Brain Drain of Doctorates from the European Union to the U.S.? – Agnès van Zanten: Parental Closure Strategies and New Educational Inequalities: New Opportunities, New Dividing Lines – Pedro Abrantes: On the Strange Habit of Reading Adversity Instead of Diversity: Madrid’s Middle-Schools and Their Latin-American Students – Olivier Meunier: Towards a Recognition of the Diversity of the Knowledge Forms in Contrast to the Globalisation of Education Systems? – Jagdish S Gundara: Educating the Police for a Multicultural and Globalised Britain – Juan Carlos González-Faraco/Malika Bedra Tefiani/Afsata Pare-Kaboré : Gibraltar, l’abîme global. Les relations culturelles et éducatives entre l’Europe et l’Afrique dans un contexte postcolonial – Davide Zoletto: The «Value» of Cultural Diversity: Cultures of Integration and Global Intercultural Management.