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Multiple Scales in Ecology


Boris Schröder, Hauke Reuter and Björn Reineking

Contents: Horst Malchow/Frank M. Hilker: Pattern formation in models of nonlinear plankton dynamics: a minireview – Fred Jopp: Detecting critical scales in invertebrate dispersal – Carsten F. Dormann/Ralf Seppelt: Do organisms use landscapes at certain spatial scales? A null model for diversity pattern in relation to the spatial extend of landscapes – Birgit Felinks: Analysis of vegetation pattern by integrating aspects of multiple spatial scales in former lignite mining sites – Jens Dauber/Tobias Purtauf: A multi-scale analysis of the relative importance of habitat features and landscape context on species richness of carabids – Elisabeth Obermaier/Annette Heisswolf/Barbara Randlkofer: Comparison of habitat preference in a generalist and a specialist herbivorous beetle on multiple spatial scales – Hauke Reuter/Ulrike Middelhoff/Gunther Schmidt/Wilhelm Windhorst/Winfried Schröder/Broder Breckling: Up-scaling the environmental effects of genetically modified plants - Assessing potential impact on nature conservation areas in Northern Germany – Martin Szaramowicz: How does landscape planning deal with ecological scales?