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Reframed – Revisited – Revised


Agata Stopinska, Anke Bartels and Raj Kollmorgen

Contents: Raj Kollmorgen/Anke Bartels/Agata Stopińska: Revolution after the End of History: An Introduction – Gerald Raunig: Revolutionary Machines: Art and the Molecular Revolution – Benjamin Herborth/Oliver Kessler: Revolution and Democracy: On the Historical Semantics of Political Change – Daniel Loick: Let It Be: Towards a Post-Sovereign Concept of Revolution – Bertel Nygaard: Revolutions and World History: A Long View – Fetih Açikel: ‘Models of Revolution’ and ‘Institutional Reproduction’: How Revolutionary Elites Contribute to Institutional Model-Dependence in the World-System – Anil K. Jain: Anchors of Resistance: The Reagent of Discomfort – Christoph Spehr: Doing Change: What Does «Revolution» Mean Today? – Steven Corcoran: The Subject of Revolution: Marxism, Badiou, Antagonism – André Mommen: The Ongoing Populist Revolution in Latin America – Philipp Casula: Interpreting the ‘Democratic Revolutions’: Culture, Hegemony, Discourse – Jurij Hałajko: Genesis and Aesthetics of the Ukrainian Orange Revolution – Marta Zimniak- Hałajko: Invisible Revolutions: Revolutionary Concepts of New Social Movements of Right and Left in Contemporary Poland – Abdelilah Bouasria: Is Sufism a Revolutionary Discourse in Morocco? A Comparative Case Study of the Boutshishiyya Sufi Order and Abdesslam Yassine’s Islamic Movement – Holger Rossow: Unlikely Heirs: New Labour and the ‘Thatcher Revolution’ – Gene Ray: On the Conditions of Anti-Capitalist Art: Radical Cultural Practices and the Capitalist Art System – Ulf Schulenberg: From Conceptual Revolutions to the Privacy of Mourning: Barthes, Proust, and the « désir d’écrire » – Viola Brisolin: Displacement and Incessant Subversion: Critical Ideas and Practices in the Late Barthes and Pasolini – Anja Meyerrose: The Fashion Revolution? Transformation of Men’s Clothing in Germany’s ‘1968’ – Steffen Hantke: The Imagery of Revolution in Recent Blockbuster Films.