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Redefining the Sacred

Religion in the French and Russian Revolutions

Daniel Schönpflug and Martin Schulze Wessel

Contents: Martin Schulze Wessel/Daniel Schönpflug: Introduction – Daniel Schönpflug: La faute à Voltaire ? Secularizations and the Origins of the French Revolution – Gregory Freeze: Critical Dynamic of the Russian Revolution: Irreligion or Religion? – Dale Van Kley: Religion and the Age of «Patriot» Reform – Alexandre Etkind: Religious Sects and the Revolution in Russia – Bernard Plongeron: Between Rome and the Republic: The Identity of the «Constitutional Church» in France 1790-1802 – Michail Shkarovskiy: Soviet State and Soviet Church – Jean-Claude Bonnet: Marat - a Political Saint – Frithjof Benjamin Schenk: In Search of a New Pantheon: Personality Cults in Early Soviet Russia.