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Weak State, Uncertain Citizenship: Moldova


Monica Heintz

Contents: Stefan Troebst/Chris Hann: Preface – Monica Heintz: State and Citizenship in Moldova: A Pragmatic Point of View – Florent Parmentier: Weak State and Citizenship by Default – Catalina Zgureanu-Guragata: What kind of Nationalism for the Republic of Moldova? – Nicu Popescu: Transnistria’s Survival – Jennifer R. Cash: Memories of States Past: Identity Salience and the Challenges of Citizenship – Hülya Demirdirek: Gagauz Autonomy and Ambiguous Citizenship – Rebecca Chamberlain-Creangă: The ‘Transnistrian People’? Citizenship and Imaginings of ‘The State’ in an Unrecognised Country – Sergiu Musteata: National Identity between History Teaching and Politics: Moldova (2001-2007) – Stefan Ihrig: (Un)civic Discourses and their Discontents: Moldovanist and Romanianist Conceptions of the Nation and its Citizens in Current History Textbooks and Historiography of the Republic of Moldova (1991-2006) – Elisabeth Anderson: Making Patriots or Democratic Citizens? History Education and the Challenges to Education for Citizenship in the Republic of Moldova – Florentina Harbo: Can Federalism Cope with the Challenges of the Transnistrian Conflict? – Odette Tomescu-Hatto: Inside and Outside the Border: Moldova and Romania in Wider Europe.