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Elements of Slavic and Germanic Grammars: A Comparative View

Papers on Topical Issues in Syntax and Morphosyntax


Jacek Witkos and Gisbert Fanselow

Contents: Adam Biały: Results and feature specification of Polish prefixes – Ewa Bułat: Empty subjects revisited and revised cross-linguistically – Bożena Cetnarowska: Genitive/possessive variation and syntactic optionality in an optimality-theoretic framework – Mojmír Dočekal: WCO and focus in Czech – Gisbert Fanselow/Caroline Féry: Missing superiority effects: Long movement in German (and other languages) – Katarzyna Miechowicz- Mathiasen/Paweł Scheffler: A corpus-based analysis of the peculiar behaviour of the Polish verb podobać się – Michael Moss: Functional projections in Polish – Gereon Müller: Some consequences of an impoverishment-based approach to morphological richness and Pro-Drop – Agnieszka Pysz: On the placement of prenominal adjectives with complements: Evidence from Old English – Radek Šimík: Specificity in (Czech) relative clauses – Katarzyna Sówka: Non-uniform approach to dative verbs in English – Helen Trugman: Move versus merge: DP-internal modifiers – Christopher Wilder: The PP-with-DP construction – Jacek Witkoś: Control and predicative adjectives in Polish.