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Interdisciplinary Aspects of Climate Change


Walter Leal Filho and Franziska Mannke

Contents: Solveig Mimler/Ulrike Müller/Stefanie Greis/Benno Rothstein: Impacts of Climate Change on Electricity Generation and Consumption – Roy Manoj/Ellis Geraint: The Role of Cross-Disciplinary Models in Reducing the Intensity of Environmental Release - An Example of the Irish Housing Sector – Frank Helten/Undine Giseke/Silvia Martin Han: Adapting the Modern City to New Challenges - Urban Agriculture as a Way out? – Walter Leal Filho/Franziska Mannke: Policy-making in Climate Change - Experiences from the ASTRA Project – Michael Dutschke: The Climate Stabilization Fund - Global Auctioning of Emission Allowances to help Forests and People – J. David Tàbara/Francesc Cots/Xingang Dai/Maria Falaleeva/Zsuzsanna Flachner/Darryn McEvoy/Saskia Werners: Social Learning on Climate Change among Regional Agents - Insights from China, Eastern Europe and Iberia – Dalia Streimikiene/Remigijus Ciegis: Climate Change Mitigation Policies: Costs and Effectiveness – Evangelos I. Manolas: Campaign Strategies by Environmental NGOs in the Negotiations on Climate Change – A.C. Warnock/C.G. Warnock: The Role of Sustainable Buildings in Climate Change Mitigation – Bálint Czúcz/Gergely Torda/Zsolt Molnár/Ferenc Horváth/Zoltán Botta-Dukát/György Kröel-Dulay: A Spatially Explicit, Indicator-based Methodology for Quantifying the Vulnerability and Adaptability of Natural Ecosystems – Frank Vanclay/Peat Leith/Aysha Fleming: Understanding Farming Community Concerns about Adapting to a Changed Climate – Melissa Nursey-Bray/Tony Ferrier: Risk Assessment and Local Government, Tasmania: Applying an Interdisciplinary Approach to Climate Change Adaptation – Lionel Boxer: Positioning Oneself and Others to Resolve Climate Change – Michael Belau/Jane Korck/Hans Weber: Climate Change and the Impacts on Flood Events at the Fränkische Saale - An Interdisciplinary Case-Study – Harri Moora/Viktoria Voronova/Alvina Reihan: The Impact of Municipal Solid Waste Management on Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Estonia – Karina Yager/Daniela Ulloa/Stephan Halloy: Conducting an Interdisciplinary Workshop on Climate Change: Facilitating Awareness and Adaptation in Sajama National Park, Bolivia – Sandra T. Marquart-Pyatt: Differences of Degree? - Public Opinion on Climate Change in a Cross-National Context – Anjali Helferty/Amelia Clarke/Rosa Kouri: The Campus Climate Challenge - Innovative Multi-Stakeholder Approaches to Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions at Canadian Colleges and Universities – Susan R. Kephart/Catherine A. Collins: Fostering Interdisciplinary Inquiry, Communication, and Action Among Diverse Populations – Nitin Chaudhary: An Assessment of India’s Efforts on Education, Awareness and Capacity Building on Climate Change – Estelle Gaillard/Jo-Anne Ferreira: Engaging Australians on Climate Change - The Role of Education and Communication in Social Change – Sam Wong: Linking Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Technologies to Develop a ‘People-Centred’ Intervention Framework – B. Rothstein/A. Scholten/E. Nilson/R. Baumhauer: Sensitivity of Bulk-Cargo Dependent Industries to Climate Change - First Results of a Case Study from the River Rhine.