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Democracy in Western and Postcommunist Countries

Twenty Years after the Fall of Communism


Tadeusz Buksinski

Contents: Bogusław Bukowski: The Liberal Democracy in the Contemporary World – Erich Fröschl: The «Deformed Society»: Market Radicalism and its Effects on Democracy – Josef Melchior: Democratic Paradoxes of Constitutional Politics in the European Union: From the Constitutional to the Lisbon Treaty – Manfried Welan: Emergence and Development of a Stable Democracy. The Austrian Example – Dieter Segert: Democracy and Populism: Insights from Post-Socialist Research – Tadeusz Buksiński: Democracy between Interests and Identities (The Case of Poland) – Piotr W. Juchacz: On the Post-Schumpeterian «Competitive Managerial Model of Local Democracy» as Perceived by the Elites of the Local Government of Wielkopolska – Sándor Gallai: Hungary: A Democratic Polity Under Challenge – Ondřej Císař/Lubomír Kopeček: Czech Democracy, Politics, and Society from 1989 to Present – Hennadii Korzhov: A Long Journey to Democracy? Ukraine’s Lessons in its Post-Soviet Transformation – Krzysztof Brzechczyn: In the Trap of Post-Socialist Stagnation: On Political Development of the Belarusian Society in the Years 1986-2006 – Amazan Idinov: Special Features of Democracy and Corruption in Kyrgyzstan – Nona Kubanychbek: Sustainable Development of Kyrgyzstan: Past Achievements and Future Challenges – Marek Sikora: Democratisation of the episteme – Evanghelos A. Moutsopoulos: The Universitary Asylum and its Violations.