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A Mosaic of Corpus Linguistics

Selected Approaches


Aquilinio Sánchez Pérez and Moisés Almela Sánchez

Contents: M. Almela/A. Sánchez: Why a monograph on corpus linguistics? – W. Teubert: Rethinking corpus linguistics – T. Bastow: Some discourse functions of the modal adverbs of course, clearly, obviously, and certainly in a corpus of US defence speeches – J. Rivas/E. Brown: Variable development of intersubjectivity in Spanish – L. Hồ-Đắc: An exploratory data-driven analysis for describing discourse organization – I. Zulaica Hernández: Testing accessibility and givenness in a corpus of Spanish – P. Fuertes-Olivera/J. Rodrigues-Rodrigues: Working with English specialized corpora: lexical bundles in written scientific English – A. Sánchez/P. Cantos: In search of a new model for WSD: a multi-layered Lexical Constellation Model – P. Cantos: Analysing linguistic decline in early stage Alzheimer’s disease: a corpus-based approach – J. Pérez Guerra/A. Martínez Insua: Enlarging noun phrases little by little: on structural complexity and modification in the history of English – J. Ruano-García: Looking at suffixation in Early Modern northern English: a preliminary approach in the light of The Salamanca Corpus – F. Alonso-Almeida/N. Vázquez: Modal verbs in Early Modern English recipes – M. P. Valverde Ibáñez/E. Blick: A web corpus of Spanish automatically annotated with semantic roles – S. Th. Gries: Useful statistics for corpus linguistics.