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Towards a Knowledge-Based Society in Europe

10 th International Conference on Policies of Economic and Social Development, Sofia, October 5 to 7, 2007


Chobanov, Jürgen Plöhn and Horst Schellhaass

Contents: Jürgen Plöhn: Introduction – Georgy Ganev: Informal Institutions, Partial Enforcement, and Impersonal Exchange: Observations from Bulgarian Streets – Anastasia Bankova/Todor Yalamov: Management, Knowledge, and Competitiveness of Organizations. A Study of Bulgarian Enterprises – Desislava Yordanova/Maria-Antonia Tarrazon: Determinants of Entrepreneurial Intentions Among Bulgarian University Students: An Exploratory Investigation – Diana Boyadzhieva: Data Mining - Overview of the Technology and the Potential for Adoption in the Bulgarian Banking Industry – Anastasia Paris/Ioannis Patiniotis: The Evolution of the Gross Domestic Product of all Sectors of Greek Economy since 1963 – Ainhoa Herrarte/Felipe Sáez: An Evaluation of Active Labour Market Policies: the Case of Spain – Detelin S. Elenkov: Female Visionary-Transformational Leadership and Innovation: The Moderating Role of Multiple Intelligences and Ethical Leadership – Guergana Stanoeva: What Do Optimum Currency Area Criteria Tell Us about the Readiness of Central and East European Countries to Join the Eurozone? – Horst Schellhaass: Superstars as Winners of the Common Market – George Chobanov: The Dynamic Interaction of Two Markets – Jean-Pierre Gern: The Measurement of the Efficiency of Transaction Costs – Liana Badea/Nicolae Nedelco: E-Business - Perspectives and Challenges in Global Competition.