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Approaches to Music Research

Between Practice and Epistemology


Leon Stefanija and Nico Schüler

Contents: Kevin Korsyn: The Aging of the New Musicology – Marie-Agnes Dittrich: Reply to Kevin Korsyn, Including Remarks on Musicology and «Musiktheorie» in Germany and Austria in Times of the Bologna Process and of Knowledge Evaluation – Christian Bielefeldt: A Reply to Kevin Korsyn’s «The Aging of New Musicology» – Kordula Knaus: A Reply to Kevin Korsyn’s «The Aging of New Musicology» – Leon Stefanija: Outside of Musicology – Nico Schüler: From Interdisciplinarity to ‘Perspectivism’ in Music Research – Matjaž Barbo: Music as a Metaphor? – Peter Wicke: From Schizophonia to Paraphonia: On the Epistemological and Cultural Matrix of Digitally Generated Pop Sounds – Lubomír Spurný: Semiology in Music and Art: Czech Music Semiology – Dalibor Davidović: Interception – Katarina Habe: Current Issues and Trends in the Psychology of Music in Slovenia – Jasmina Talam/Tamara Karača-Beljak: Ethnomusicological Research and Fieldwork Methodology: Experience in Bosnia and Herzegovina – Gregor Pompe: Musical Analysis and/or Interpretation - The Case of Opera – Audra Versekėnaitė: Between Borrowing and Intertextuality: The Dies Irae in Twentieth Century Music – Ivana Perković Radak: Approaches to Serbian Orthodox Music: A Case Study of Stevan Stojanović Mokranjac’s Complete Works – Tijana Popović Mladjenović: The Possibility and Purpose of Disciplinary Intersections and Permeations: The Case Study of Reger’s Variationen und Fuge über ein Thema von Joh. Seb. Bach for Piano, Op. 81 – M. J. Grant: Whatever happened to Crazy Jane? – Ira Prodanov Krajišnik: Free Religious Music in Serbia and its Social Context – Marija Masnikosa: Formalism and Contextualism in Contemporary Musicology: Why Could it not be a ‘Joint Venture’? A Case Study – Vesna Mikić: Romantic Notions in the Popular Music Discourses: Several Examples from Serbia – Manfred Heidler: Military Music in the Bundeswehr: Some Remarks Concerning the Interdisciplinary Discourse on Manifestations of «Music in Uniform» – J. Daniel Jenkins: Erwin Stein’s ‘New Formal Principles’ and the Analysis of Schoenberg’s Atonal Period Music – Barbara Smolej Fritz: Processes of Self-Regulation in Music Learning: Between Theory and Practice – Lasanthi Manaranjanie Kanlinga Dona: Music Therapy: Sri Lankan Approaches – Dennis Cole: Transcribing Franco’s Alimatou: An Illustration of the Soukous Form, Its Sebene and Mi-solo Guitar.