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Children Philosophize Worldwide

Theoretical and Practical Concepts


Eva Marsal, Takara Dobashi and Barbara Weber

Contents: Eva Marsal: Preface (Translated by Hope Hague) – Hans-Joachim Werner: Philosophizing with Children - Introductory Remarks (Translated by Hope Hague) – Matthew Lipman: Philosophy for Children: Some Assumptions and Implications – David Kennedy: Another World is Possible: Schooling, Multitude, and Philosophy for Children – Félix García Moriyón: Philosophy for Children and Anarchism – Ekkehard Martens: A Little UN Philosophy Book for All New World Citizens. Skeptical Considerations and a First Proposal (Translated by Hope Hague) – Barbara Weber: Ethical Learning in Times of Value Pluralism: The Desire for Wisdom as a Red Thread in the Postmodern Labyrinth of Values (Translated by Victoria W. Hill) – Jen Glaser: Educating for Citizenship and Soacial Justice – Karel L. van der Leeuw: Philosophy for Children as Educational Reform – Walter Omar Kohan: Some Reasons for Doing Philosophy with Children – Philip Cam: Philosophy and Freedom – Hildburg Werner-Schlenzka: Developing Self-Awareness, Looking for Opportunities: The Upstart Science of Consciousness – Patricia Hannam: From Inter-cultural to Inter-relational Understanding: Philosophy for Children and the Acceptance of Difference – Ragnar Ohlsson: Some Connections between Moral and Intellectual Virtues – Eva Marsal: «How Much Truth Can a Spirit Dare?» Nietzsche’s «Ethical» Truth Theory as an Epistemic Background for Philosophizing with Children (Translated by Hope Hague) – Pavel Lushyn: The Problem of Pedagogical Transfer of Critical Thinking Curriculum within Global and Ecopsychological Perspectives – Takara Dobashi: Philosophizing as Archetype Science. Takeji Hayashi’s Clinical Pedagogy (Translated by Hope Hague) – Ann Margaret Sharp: The Child as Critic – Walter Omar Kohan: Éticas de la infancia – Ekkehard Martens: Pleasure in Philosophizing - Not Just for Children (Translated by Hope Hague) – Eva Marsal: «You Know It Best Then Yourself» Poems about Happiness of the Philosophizing Child Friedrich Nietzsche (Translated by Hope Hague) – Gareth Matthews: Holiness – Daniela G. Camhy: Janusz Korczak: Childhood and Children’s Rights – Eva Marsal: «My Soul Near Full with Sorrow». Overcoming Misfortune through Philosophy: The Philosophizing Child Friedrich Nietzsche (Translated by Hope Hague) – Bernardina Leal: As Margens da infância em um percurso filosófico-literário – Maughn Rollins Gregory: A Framework for Facilitating Classroom Dialogue – Ann Margaret Sharp: The Community of Inquiry as Ritual Participation – Barbara Weber: Hans-Georg Gadamer and the Art of Understanding – Ann Margaret Sharp: Let’s Go Visiting: Learning Judgment-Making in a Classroom Community of Inquiry – Maughn Rollins Gregory: Normative Dialogue Types in Philosophy for Children – Barbara Weber: Hope Instead of Cognition? The Community of Philosophical Inquiry as a Culture for Human Rights Based on Richard Rorty’s Understanding of Philosophy – Takara Dobashi/Eva Marsal: A Comparison of the Anthropological Concepts of Japanese and German Primary School Children (Translated by Hope Hague) – Barbara Weber: Towards a Philosophical Attitude or How to Teach Intellectual Virtues: A Dialogue with Pierre Hadot’s «Philosophy as a Way of Life» (Translated by Victoria W. Hill – Mathieu Gagnon/Michel Sasseville : Présentation d’éléments observables dans une communauté de recherche philosophique en action : de la classification à l’organisation ; de la complexité interne à la complexité contextuelle ; de la linéarité à l’itérativité – Ann Margaret Sharp: Caring Thinking and Education of the Emotions – Susan T. Gardner: Love Thy