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Studies in Cognitive Corpus Linguistics


Barbara Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk and Katarzyna Dziwirek

Contents: Barbara Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk/Katarzyna Dziwirek: Emergence of Cognitive Corpus Linguistics – Piotr Pęzik: Extraction of multiword expressions for corpus-based discourse analysis – Galina I. Kustova/Olga N. Lashevskaja/Elena V. Paducheva/Ekaterina V. Rakhilina: Verb Taxonomy: From theoretical lexical semantics to practice of corpus tagging – Karen Sullivan: Grammatical constructions in metaphoric language – Monika Kopytowska: Corpus linguistics and an eclectic approach to the study of news - the mechanism of framing – Hanna Pułaczewska: Syntactic reduplication as an ironically-driven pragmatic principle in the spoken language – Kamila Turewicz: A Cognitive Grammar perspective on Jennifer Coates’s findings on the semantics of English modals – Eliza Kitis: Emotions as discursive constructs: The case of the psych-verb ‘fear’ – Agnieszka Kaleta: English aspectual verbs and their complements: The case of ‘begin’ – Lily I-wen Su/Louis Wei-lun Lu: A new look at analogous words: A corpus-based approach – Giuliano Fiorentino: The ordering of adverbial and main clauses in spoken and written Italian – Jerzy Gaszewski: Polish particles tak and nie as polysemous words: A corpus-driven study – Martine Delorge: A diachronic corpus study of the constructional behavior of verbs of reception in Dutch – Dagmar Divjak/Stefan Th. Gries: Corpus-based cognitive semantics: A contrastive study of phrasal verbs in English and Russian – Katarzyna Dziwirek/Barbara Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk: ‘Love and hate’ - Unique transitive emotions in Polish and English – Mikołaj Deckert: Pleonasms - from cognition to translation – Hu Ying-Huseh/Ho Yi-Chen: Prepositions we live by: Implications of the polysemy network in teaching English prepositions in and on – Anna Turula: Extensive study of an Anglophone film corpus as a way of implicit learning complex FL grammar – Irena Czwenar: The growth of grammatical complexity in the spoken language of adult learners of English.