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Political Correctness

Mouth Wide Shut?


Wojciech Kalaga, Jacek Mydla and Katarzyna Ancuta

Contents: Bruno Arich-Gerz/Isabel Wojtovicz: Challenging PC: World War II Victimhood, the Discrimination for and the Nazistically Challenged – Leszek Drong: The Trouble with Liberalism: Stanley Fish’s Critique of Multiculturalism, Free Speech, Neutral Principles and Political Correctness – Djelal Kadir/Paweł Jędrzejko: Between Self and State: on Discourses of Political Correctness. A Dialog – Ewa Łukaszyk: Political/Religious Correctness as a Cardinal Point of Reflection: a Hindrance and a Temptation – Tomasz Kalaga: The Politics of Correctness: Henry A. Giroux and the Rhetoric of Ideology – Sławomir Masłoń: Sovereign Correctness – Maciej Nowak: «Those Poor Decrepit Parts of Our Species»: or, the Double Edge of Political Correctness – Irina Perianova: Is Big Really Beautiful? Political Correctness and the Language of Avoidance – Marta Zając: Political Correctness as Homemaking. Between Ethics and Hysteria – Rafał Borysławski: The Un-Mouth? Political Correctness and Pornography in the Fabliaux – Kevin Hannan: «Le(c)h Loves Stupid Ludmila»: Ethnography, Slav Stereotypes and Political Correctness in Jerzy Kosinski’s The Painted Bird – Anna Popiel: «He conquered in earth’s name»; or, on Ted Hughes and Archetypal Correctness – Erhard Reckwitz: Mouth Wide Open: Political Satire in Post-Apartheid South Africa – David Schauffler: Moral Correctness and the Artwork: the Case of Knut Hamsun – Andrzej Wicher: Some Thoughts on Political Correctness and on the Possibility of a Civilised Version of «Political Incorrectness» Exemplified by Joseph Conrad’s The Nigger of the ‘Narcissus’ – Katarzyna Ancuta: Mermaids in Manholes with Ebola Syndrome; or, Political (In)Correctness Oriental Style – Jacek Mydla: Toying with Stories – Eric Starnes: Brothers in Arms: Maxim Magazine, The Man Show and the Return of Knuckledragger Culture to Amercian Society.