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Fact and Fiction

From the Middle Ages to Modern Times- Essays Presented to Hans Sauer on the Occasion of his 65 th Birthday – Part II


Renate Bauer and Ulrike Krischke

Contents: Michael Herren: Quid Helena Ciceroni? Mythographical Miscues in Early Medieval Glosses and Glossaries – Gernot R. Wieland: The Unferth Enigma: The þyle between the Hero and the Poet – Patrizia Lendinara: The Source of Damasus’ Inquiry on the Proper Time to Celebrate Mass in London, British Library, Stowe 944 and in London, British Library, Cotton Caligula A. xv – Joyce Hill: Author and Audience in Ælfric’ s Second Pastoral Letter for Wulfstan – Allen J. Frantzen: Food Words in the Anglo-Saxon Penitentials – Susanne Gärtner: When Scribe Meets Manuscript: Medieval Scribal Copies as Linguistic Contact Phenomena – William Marx: The Edge of Orthodoxy: The Virgin Mary, St Bernard, and the Quis dabit – Renate Bauer: Tu es dyabolus! Jews in Middle Scots Texts – Wolfgang Mager: Caxton’s Ouyde hys booke of Methamorphose – Michael W. Twomey: Ye Olde English Ye: A Short Biography of Anglo-Saxon Thorn – Thomas Honegger: From Bestiary onto Screen: Dragons in Film.