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More Than Words

English Lexicography and Lexicology- Past and Present- Essays Presented to Hans Sauer on the Occasion of his 65 th Birthday – Part I


Renate Bauer and Ulrike Krischke

Contents: Philip Durkin: An Influential Voice in the Germanic Etymologies in the First Edition of the OED: Correspondence Between Early Editors and Eduard Sievers – Antonette diPaolo Healey: Taking hand in Hand: Mapping its Meaning in Old English and Later – Alfred Bammesberger: Two Textual Notes on the Old English Poem Christ I – Andrew James Johnston: Calques and Culture: Revisiting an Issue in Old English Lexical Morphology – Ulrike Krischke: A Glimpse at Anglo-Saxon Biosystematics: The Voice of the Plant Names – Peter Bierbaumer: Research into Old English Plant Names: 1969-2009 – Ferdinand von Mengden: Ablaut or Transfixation? On the Old English Strong Verbs – Eric G. Stanley: Runic Mysteries in Old and Middle English Verse and in Modern Scholarship – Gaby Waxenberger: The Cryptic Runes on the Auzon/Franks Casket: A Challenge for the Runologist and the Lexicographer – Mary Blockley: Speech Acts and Inscriptions: The Syntax of the Right Side of the Auzon/Franks Casket – Lucia Kornexl/Ursula Lenker: Culinary and Other Pairs: Lexical Borrowing and Conceptual Differentiation in Early English Food Terminology – Michiko Ogura: Hap, kappen and happy: Their Borrowing and Development through Rivalry – Rafał Molencki: The Evolution of forward in Medieval English – Oliver M. Traxel: The Katherine Group as a Source for the Reconstruction of Unattested Words from the Old English Period – Claire Fennell: Some Notes on the Vocabulary of Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Rawlinson B 520 – Karl Reichl: Rewth, milthe, merci: Lexical Choices in the Middle English Translations of the Psalms – Hans-Jörg Schmid: Tracing Paths of Conventionalization from the Bible to the BNC: A Concise Corpus-based History of the not that Construction – Inge B. Milfull: Some Notes on the Vocabulary of Hary’s Wallace – Manfred Markus: A Glass of Yale: J-Insertion in English Dialects (Based on Joseph Wright’s English Dialect Dictionary) – Stefan Thim: On the Phrasal Verbs in Some Paston Letters – Hedwig Gwosdek: The Category of the Adverb in English Grammatical Manuscripts and Early Printed Grammars for the Teaching of Latin (c. 1400 to 1540) – Robert Mailhammer: From ic nolde to I don’t wanna: The Status of Clitics in the History of English – Wolfgang Falkner: Then as a Coordinating Adverb or What a Difference a Comma Makes – Ingrid Piller: Airport Language and the Globalization of Nothing – Susanne Handl: Online Access: Collocations in the Electronic Age.