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Sustainability at Universities - Opportunities, Challenges and Trends


Walter Leal Filho

Contents: Anne Sibbel: Implications of Sustainability for Training Nutritionists for the 21st Century – Suppachart Tantisureeporn/Leisa J. Armstrong: Introducing a New Technology to Enhance Community Sustainability - An Investigation of the Possibilities of Sun Spots – Joyce Hendricks/Vicki Cope/Maureen Harris: Pragmatic Truths - When Ritual Meets the Reality of Community Engagement – Niranjali Jayasuriya: Teaching Sustainable Stormwater Management Using Project Based Learning – John Renner/Jim Cross: Community Engagement for Sustainability: An Invitation and a Challenge to all Universities – Joshua M. Pearce/Eleanor E. ter Horst: Service Learning for Sustainable Development in Foreign Languages – Will Turner: Developing and Sustaining Perpetual School University Partnerships – Sharifah Norhaidah Syed Idros/Abdul Rashid Mohamed: Greening the Teacher Education Program at Universiti Sains Malaysia - A Report on Baseline Studies – Pamela Robinson: Teaching Urban Sustainability - New Approaches for Emerging Needs – Alessandra Pavesi/Carmen Roselaine de Oliveira Farias/Haydée Torres de Oliveira: Greening Higher Education as a Procedure of Institutional Learning – Danielle P. Smyth/Arthur L. Fredeen/Annie L. Booth/David J. Connell: Waste Management and Sustainability at ‘Canada’s Green University’TM – Michael A. Reiter/Patrick C. Coggins/Mark E. Howse: Designing an Integrated Environmental Science Curriculum Using an IRMA Chart – María Novo/M. Angeles Murga: Environmental Education of Key People for Sustainable Development: a Case-Study – Rodrigo Lozano/Ken Peattie: Developing a Tool to Audit Curricula Contributions to Sustainable Development – Heather Burns: Skilled in Sustainability - Teaching Sustainability in Skills-Based Courses – Luis Velazquez/Nora Munguía/Andrea Zavala/Javier Esquer: Sustainability Leadership by Implementing the ISO 14001 Framework on a Latin-American Campus – Alfred Posch: International Cooperation in Higher Education by Means of a Joint Master’s Programme in Sustainable Development – Deborah Schneiderman/Kara Freihoefer: Integrating Sustainability into Design Curriculum – Diane Pruneau/Abdellatif Khattabi/Joanne Langis/Charline Vautour: Educating and Communicating about Climate Change - Challenges and Possibilities – Melf-Hinrich Ehlers/Vanesa Castàn Broto/Maya K. Gislason: Interdisciplinary Research Approaches to Sustainability - the Young Scientists’ Perspective – Dianne Chambers: Assessing & Planning for Environmental Sustainability - A Framework for Institutions of Higher Education – Juliet Willetts/Naomi Carrard/Jade Herriman: Transdisciplinarity: Realising its Potential to Support Effective Postgraduate Sustainability Teaching and Learning – Walter Leal Filho: Sustainability at Universities - Opportunities, Challenges and Trends.