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Mary Queen of Scots in Nineteenth and Twentieth-Century Drama

Poetic License with History


Pearl J. Brandwein

Contents: Dr. Brandwein's book, Mary Queen of Scots in Nineteenth and twentieth century Drama: Poetic License with History is a valuable, informative, and comprehensive study of the dramatic interpretations of the politics of power (Mary vs. Elizabeth), religion (Mary vs. John Knox), and passion (Mary and Darnley and Bothwell). Historical personnas come to life in the dramas of Friedrich Schiller, Pierre-Antoine Lebrun, Juljusz Slowacki, Bj¿rnsterne Bjørnson, Algernon Swinburne. Maxwell Anderson, and Robert Bolt among others. This book is a must for those readers interested in the timeliness of the subject matter (this is the quarter centenary of Mary Stuart's courageous and tragic death on February 8, 1587 and its invaluable insights.)