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Human Intelligence and National Power

A Political Essay in Sociobiology

Seymour W. Itzkoff

Human Intelligence and National Power: A political essay in sociobiology discusses the relationship between variable intelligence in ethnic and national cultures and their political impact on the international scene. The books's argument is developed from the theory presented in Dr. Itzkoff's four-volume «Evolution of Human Intelligence», also published by Peter Lang. Each national society to the extent that it reflects a fairly homogeneous ethnicity, also exhibits a unique intellectual profile. Its national intellectual capital is capable through the most advanced forms of education of rising to the capacity for abstract thought and action in meeting the technological requirements of modernity. National corporate intelligence will thus impact on the international community through its economic, military, and political power. The author applies his sociobiological model to the circumstances affecting formerly communist societies, Japan, the United States, the Third World, as well as the broader international scene.
Contents: Human intelligence variability - Race, geography, history, ethnicity, and nationality - The European florescence and its self-immolation - The power of nations - Why communism failed - Japan's power - The United States in decline - Internationalism - The Third World debacle.