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Romanticism and Beyond

A Festschrift for John F. Fetzer


Clifford A. Bernd, Ingeborg Henderson and Winder McConnell

Contents: A Tribute to John F. Fetzer - Unruhe in Stallwang. Ein Versuch über Clemens Brentano - Heine als Exilant in Paris - Romantic Anti-Foundationalism and the Theory of Chaos - Goethe and Critical Philosophy: The Wissenschaftslehre as Supplement to his Kant-Studies - Goethe's Masked Masque in Das Märchen - Theatrical Anticipations of Romanticism's Self-Reflexive Peril - In Search of the Blue Flower: Novalis in New England, 1800-1850 - Automatons and Animals: Romantically Manipulating the Chain of Being in E.T.A. Hoffmann's «Der Sandmann» and Kater Murr - E.T A. Hoffmanns Rezeption in den Literaturgeschichten des 19. Jahrhunderts - «Wir alle sind, was wir gelesen ...»: Eichendorffs Marmorbild - The Suppression of Romanticism in Germany - Reflections of German Romanticism in Nineteenth-Century South Carolina: William Henry Timrod's Gesellschaftskunst - Realistic Pathologies and Romantic Psychosomatics in Thomas Mann's Buddenbrooks - On Trying to Bury Wagner - Publications of John F. Fetzer.