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States, Citizens, and Questions of Significance

Tenth Round Table on Law and Semiotics


John Brigham and Roberta Kevelson

Contents: John Brigham: Introduction: At the Roundtable - David S. Caudill: When You're a Semiotican - John Brigham: From the Matz Patrol to the Free Speech Movement - Denis Brion: Saying the Law: The Rhetoric of Power - Paul Chevigny: On What Judges Should Not Say About the Police - George Enteen: Russian Literature versus Legal Consciousness - Peter Goodrich: The Letter of the Law - Christopher Berry Gray: Legal Formalism: Its Semiotic Engagement - Hilde Hein: Legal Practice and Aesthetic Theory: The Case of Copyright - Roberta Kevelson: Civil Membership: Pragmatism, Semiotics, and the Jural State - Joel Levin: Two Concepts of Contract - Frederick P. Lewis: The New Libertarianism and its Challenges - Eileen L. McDonagh: From Choice to Consent in the Abortion Debate - Alison Olson: The 'Refugee Issue' in England 1550-1800 - Paul A. Passavant: Salman Rushdie: A Sign of the Times - William Pencak: Stability Through Segregation: Loyalist Refugees in Canada - Geoffrey Plank: A More Modest Proposal? British Imperial Policy - Bruce L. Rockwood: Nat Turner's Confessions and Other Texts - C. Robert Venator Santiago: Porto Rico: Law, Space and Identity - Sybil Schlesinger: A Wittgensteinian Investigation of Legal Interpretation, Skepticism and Nihilism - Paul J. van den Hoven: New Wineskins/New Wine: A Pragmalinguistic Analysis of a Metaphor about Evolving Concepts in Law - Mark S. Weiner: Lenny Bruce and the Limits of Free Speech.