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Mental Disease in History

A Selection of Translated Readings


J. Thomas Dalby

Contents: J.P. Gueguen: History of the concept of schizophrenia - W. Janzarik: The concept of schizophrenia - C. Scharfetter: An examination of the history of concepts of schizophrenia - L. Bellomo: The schizophrenic defect - E. Gomez: The treatment of the chronic patient - D. Moreau: Fear and madness - J. Alliez, J.-P. Huber: Acedia or the depressed between sin and illness - M. Henne: Schizophrenia isn't what it used to be - M. Bleuler: The origin and significance of Eugen Bleuler's work: «Dementia praecox: or the group of schizophrenias» - C. Scharfetter: Psychic vulnerability - U. H. Peters: The German school of schizophrenia theory and the emigration of psychiatrists from Germany between 1933-1938 - E. la Crece: The concept of madness in classical Greece - C. Kläui: From insane poor to poor insane: an examination of the insane and insanity in baroque Rome - M. Granek: The concept of madness and its implications in Talmudic literature and exegeses - F.P. Larraya: Madness and witchcraft in the times of the inquisition in the Rio de Plata - F. Furukawa, M. Bourgeois: Frenzies of possession by the fox of Japan - C. Müller: Historical reminiscences: The schizophrenic psychosis of the Empress of Mexico - J. E. Meyer, R. Meyer: Self-testimony of a schizophrenic about 1800.