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Revolutions, Institutions, Law

Eleventh Round Table on Law and Semiotics


Joel Levin and Roberta Kevelson

Contents: Joel Levin: Revolutions, Institutions, Law: An Overview - Keith Barbera: Simon Schama and the Death of Certainty - Denis Brion: The Semiosis of Liberty - Adrian Howe: Fictioning Truths in Aboriginal Land Claims in Australia - A Semiotics of the Mabo Case - Roberta Kevelson: Law's Revolution: Negation, and Property as Institution - Joel Levin: The Metaphysics of Contracts - Dragan Milovanovic: Lacan, Peirce and the Three Orders in Law: From Reification to Liberatory Semiotic Transpraxis - Robert Moffat: Cloning Hysteria: Can We Accept a Revolutionary Role for Science in the Human Future - Charles Pearson: Is the Law a Sign, or a Sign Process? - William Pencak: Is a Fair Trial Possible? The Collapse of the Jury System in Revolutionary America - Bruce Rockwood: Communication and Self-Governance: Is Democracy Possible? Martha Buell Scott: We, the People: Revolution and Authorial Identity - Wouter Werner: Valid White Lies, the European Court of Justice and Human Rights.