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The Extra-Ordinary School

Parergonality and Pedagogy


Colin Symes and Daphne Meadmore

Contents: Colin Symes/Daphne Meadmore: Parergonality and Pedagogy - Colin Symes: First Impressions: The Semiotics of School Vestibules - Erica McWilliam/Nicole Cantle: 'Securing a Regular Government': The Prefect and the Contemporary School - Richard Courtice: All-Male Schooling: Speech Night and the Construction of Masculinities - Gordon Tait/Deborah Huber: New Routes for the Field Trip - Erica McWilliam: Brand New Spectacles: The Make-Over of the School Musical - Barbara Adam: Un/Learning the Habits of Clock Time: Re-Vision Time for Time in Education - Sharon Gewirtz: Efficiency at Any Cost: The Post-Welfarist Education Policy Context - Daphne Meadmore: Keeping Up to the Mark: Testing as Surveillance - David Kirk: Health, the Body and the Medicalisation of the School - David Kirk: Embodying the School/Schooling Bodies: Physical Education as Disciplinary Technology - Susan Hopkins: Schoolies Week: Rethinking Risk.