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Identity and Place in the Academy


Sandra Jackson and José Solis Jordan

Contents: Sandra Jackson and José Solís Jordán: Being in Higher Education: Negotiating Identity and Place - José Solís Jordán: Why Are You So Afraid, Güero? - Sandra Jackson: I Don't Do Dis Here Dat Dere: A Subtext of Authority in Teaching and Learning - Marisa Alicea: ¿Acaso No Soy Maestra Tambien? (Ain't I a Teacher Too?) - K.E. Supriya: Race, Nationality, Gender, and the Space of the Classroom: Writing a Pedagogical Story - Gladys M. Jiménez-Muñoz: «Leaving Normal»: Transcending Normativity Within the Feminist/Women's History Classroom - Xing (Lucy) Lu: Identity Negotiation in the Classroom - Stephen Nathan Haymes: «Travelin' a long way on a Broken Road» - Maria R. Vidal: A Cubana in the Classroom: The Experiences of One Latina in Academia - Aminah B. McCloud: Processing - Clare Oberon Garcia: «Have YOU Ever Lived on Brewster Place?»: Teaching African-American Literature in a Predominantly White Institution - Fassil Demissie: Native(s) in the Classroom: Displacement and Cultural Politics - Alicia Chavira-Prado: Ni Eres Ni Te Pareces: Academia as Rapture and Alienation - Luis Ortiz-Franco: Doing Battle Inside the Beast.