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A Chorus of Different Voices

German-Canadian Identities


Angelika Sauer and Matthias Zimmer

Contents: Dieter Haselbach: The Social Construction of Identity: Theoretical Perspectives - Matthias Zimmer: Deconstructing German-Canadian Identity - Oda Lindner: Is Bi-Culturalism a Viable Concept? Evidence from German-Canadians - Manfred Prokop: The Maintenance and Survival of the German Language in Canada: A Follow-Up Study - Wsevolod W. Isajiw: Identity and Identity-Retention Among German Canadians: Individual and Institutional - Gerhard P. Bassler: German-Canadian Identity in Historical Perspective - Dirk Hoerder: The German-Canadian Experience Viewed Through Life Writings, 1850s to 1930s - Royden Loewen: 'As I Experienced Them Myself': The Autobiographical German-Language Immigrant Woman in Prairie Canada, 1874-1910 - John Walsh: Ethnicity, Family, and Community: German Canadians in Suburban Ottawa, 1890-1914 - Barbara Lorenzkowski: 'Spies', 'Saboteurs', and 'Subversives': German-Canadian Internees and the Wartime Discourse at the Canadian Homefront, 1939-1945 - Alexander Freund: Immigrants' Identities: The Narratives of a German-Canadian Migration - Hans Werner: 'Kinder, Küche, Kirche': Recreating Identity in Postwar Canada - Angelika E. Sauer: The 'Ideal German Canadian': Politics, Academics, and the Historiographical Construction of German-Canadian Identity.