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How We Work


Marla B. Morris, Mary Aswell Doll and William F. Pinar

Contents: Marla Morris: Preface – Mary Aswell Doll: Foreword – William F. Pinar: Introduction – Mary Aswell Doll: The Web and the Work – Marla Morris: Curriculum as Musical Text – Jamake Highwater: The Fire Sermon – David W. Jardine: The Real Work Is What We Really Do – Denise Taliaferro: On Writing My Love Child – Dennis J. Sumara/Brent Davis: Inventing a More Interesting Subject – Toby Daspit: «Nothing’s Died; It Just Got Buried»: Theory as Exhumation, as Duty Dance – Bill Davis: Why I Write – Peter Alson: How I Work – Jane Futcher: Acts of Love and Discovery – Alan A. Block: «Johnny’s in the Basement, Mixing Up the Medicine,» or I’ll Trade You Two Metaphors for a Metonymy – Lance Ternasky: Contrariety and Commitment: Wedding Passions – Mike Siddoway: On Lemmas, Theorems, Corollaries, and All That – Skip Fox: Many a New Thing – Rebecca Luce-Kapler: Through a Tangle of Branches: Reworking the Poem – Delese Wear: Writing with/in Leftovers – Susan Edgerton: «Whatever Gets You Through the Night» – William F. Pinar: How I Work – Petra Munro: A Truthful Tale About How I Work – Lewis Putnam Turco: Upstairs – Wendy Kohli: Writing the Classed Body: «Is It Work Yet?» – Gloria Anzaldúa: Putting Coyolxauhqui Together: A Creative Process – Marshall Parks: Should We Be Working?