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Heinrich Heine's Contested Identities

Politics, Religion, and Nationalism in Nineteenth-Century Germany


Jost Hermand and Robert C. Holub

Contents: Jeffrey L. Sammons: Who Did Heine Think He Was? - Christhard Hoffmann: History versus Memory: Heinrich Heine and the Jewish Past - Bluma Goldstein: Heine's «Hebrew Melodies»: A Politics and Poetics of Diaspora - Robert C. Holub: Confessions of an Apostate: Heine's Conversion and Its Psychic Displacement - Hinrich C. Seeba: «Keine Systematie»: Heine in Berlin and the Origin of the Urban Gaze - Susanne Zantop: Columbus, Humboldt, Heine, or the Rediscovery of Europe - Jennifer Kapczynski/Kristin Kopp/Paul B. Reitter/Daniel Sakaguchi: The Polish Question and Heine's Exilic Identity - Jost Hermand: Tribune of the People or Aristocrat of the Spirit? Heine's Ambivalence Toward the Masses - Peter Uwe Hohendahl: Heine's Critical Intervention: The Intellectual as Poet.