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Higher Education for Democracy

Experiments in Progressive Pedagogy at Goddard College


Steven A. Schapiro

Contents: Steven A. Schapiro: Higher Education for Democracy: Renewing the Mission of Progressive Education – Geraldine and Gus Lyn-Piluso: Knowledge, Authority, and Dialogue: Teaching as an Emancipatory Relationship – Eduardo Aquino: A Pedagogy of Reciprocity: Interdisciplinary Art Education at Goddard – Shelley Vermilya: Writing for Our Lives: The Power of Memoir for Marginalized Students – Steven A. Schapiro: Toward a Pedagogy of the «Oppressor»: A Freirian Approach to Anti-Sexist Education for Men – Nora Mitchell: But I Don’t Read Poetry: Relearning to Read Literature – Kathleen Kesson: Investigating Spiritual Experience: Progressive Pedagogy and the Nonrational – Katherine L. Jelly: Between Individual and Society: An Essential Dialectic in Progressive Teaching and Learning – Kenneth L. Bergstrom: Learning to Teach as We Were Not Taught: Democratic Teacher Education at Goddard College – Carl D. Glickman: Democratic Education: Judy and the Dance – Richard Schramm: Extending Democracy from Classroom to Schoolhouse: Studying Democratic Governance at Goddard College – Steven A. Schapiro: The Lessons of Practice: Education for Democracy Revisited.