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Revisioning Aging

Empowerment of Older Women


Rosemary Leonard, Jenny Onyx and Rosslyn Reed

Contents: Noeleen O'Beirne: Growing Older, Getting Better: Than What? - Jenny Onyx: Preliminary Overview: «The Facts» - Margaret Sargent: Not Gerontology, but - Rosslyn Reed: The Invisible Woman: Older Women Workers - Rosemary Leonard: Unpaid Work: Grasshopper Accusations and the Threat to Social Capital - Jenny Onyx/Pam Benton: What Does Retirement Mean for Women - Noeleen O'Beirne: The «Docile/Useful» Body of the Older Women - Sharyn McGee: Aging: Encounters with the Medical Model - Rhonda Nay: Benevolent Oppression: Experiences of Older Women Aging «Out of Place» - Chris Wieneke/Aileen Power/Lyn Bevington/Diane Rankins-Smith: Separate Lives: Older Women, Connectedness and Well-Being - Margaret Sargent: Which House? - Rosemary Leonard: The Potential for Empowerment from a Life-course Approach - Rosemary Leonard: The Role of Formal Organizations in the Empowerment of Older Women - Jenny Onyx: Reflections on Death / A Celebration of Aging.