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Concepts of Culture


Hans Adler and Jost Hermand

Contents: Peter Uwe Hohendahl: The Quest for Cultural Studies Revisited - Helmut Peitsch: British Cultural Studies - European Studies - German Studies: A Non-Relationship? - Sara Lennox: Beyond the Last Instance: Postmodern Marxism and Culture - Nancy Kaiser: Who Cares? Cultural Studies, Feminist Literary Criticism, U.S. Germanistik - Eric Jacobsen/Lisa A. Rainwater Van Suntum/Peter Van Suntum: How to Make an American German Studies Quilt: Choosing Patterns; Redefining Borders - Sander L. Gilman: A Near Future at the Millennium - Hans Adler: Amazement, Culture, and Historicity - Gerhard Richter: Ethics and the Rhetoric of Culture - Jost Hermand: Towards a Truly Democratic Culture.