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Capitalism and Slavery Fifty Years Later

Eric Eustace Williams – A Reassessment of the Man and His Work

S.H.H. Carrington and Heather Cateau

Contents: John Hope Franklin: Eric Williams and Howard University – George Lamming: The Legacy of Eric Williams – Colin Palmer: Eric Williams and His Intellectual Legacy – Joseph Inikori: Capitalism and Slavery, Fifty Years After: Eric Williams and the Changing Explanations of the Industrial Revolution – Seymour Drescher: Capitalism and Slavery: After Fifty Years – Andrew O’Shaughnessy: Williams as Historian – Ibrahim Sundiata: Capitalism and Slavery: «The Commercial Part of the Nation» – William Darity: Economic Aspects of the British Trade in Slaves: A Fresh Look at the Evidence from the 1789 Report of the Lords of Trade – David Ryden: Planters, Slaves and Decline – Claudius Fergus: War, Revolution and Abolitionism 1793-1806 – Kari Levitt: Globalization: Reality or Ideology.