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Theos, Anthropos, Christos

A Compendium of Modern Philosophical Theology


Contents: F.F. Centore: From Cosmos to Theos – Russell Pannier/Thomas Sullivan: The Mind-Maker – Dom Illtyd Trethowan: The Awareness and Certainty of the Existence of God – Leo Sweeney: God: Subsistent and Infinite Being – Brian Leftow: A God Beyond Space and Time – Eleonore Stump/Norman Kretzmann: Absolute Simplicity – Russell Pannier/Thomas Sullivan: God and The World – Sandra Menssen/Thomas Sullivan: Dostoevskian Horrors and the Problem of Grading Worlds – Sandra Menssen/Thomas Sullivan: Homer, God and Evil – Andrew Beards: The Philosophies of Religion of Bertrand Russell and Anthony Flew – Paul C. Vitz: The Psychology of Atheism – John Beloff: Minds or Machines – John Foster: The Case for Dualism – Daniel N. Robinson: The Embodiment of Mind – Charles Taliaferro: Philosophy of God and Philosophy of Mind: Theism and the Queerness of Consciousness – Jorge Garcia: Dimensions of Cultural Relativity in the Moral Realm – John Finnis: Reason, Relativism and Christian Ethics – John Foster: Abortion: Can It Ever Be Justified? – Julian Simon: Do We Have Too Many People? – Josef Seifert: The Uninventable Glory of God as the Deepest Reason for Our Faith in Jesus Christ – Horst Bürkle: Christ, Christianity and the World Religions.