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Resistance and Representation

Rethinking Childhood Education


Janice A. Jipson and Richard T. Johnson

Contents: Janice A. Jipson: Resistance and Representation: Rethinking Childhood Education – Gaile S. Cannella: Natural Born Curriculum: Popular Culture and the Representation of Childhood – Christine Woodrow/ Marie Brennan: Interrupting Dominant Images: Critical and Ethical Issues – Mark D. Bailey/Nancy Meltzoff: Resisting Institutionalized Ageism – Glenda Mac Naughton: Good Teacher or Feminist Teacher?: Investigating the Ethics of Early Childhood Curriculum – Katharina Heyning: The Early Childhood Teacher as Professional: An Archaeology of University Reform – Lisa Goldstein: Resisting the Norms of Elementary Education: One Primary Teacher’s Stories – Kerri-Ann Hewett: Eh, No Act!: The Power of Being on the Margin – Shirley A. Kessler: Critical Perspectives on Social Studies in Early Childhood Education – Julie Lokelani Kaomea: Pointed Noses and Yellow Hair: Deconstructing Children’s Writing on Race and Ethnicity in Hawai‘i – Nicholas Paley: What Does a Child Deserve in a Book? Harlan Quist and the Politics of Childhood Knowledge – Mary Jane Fox: If You Think You’re Naked, You Are! – Larry Prochner: «The Proof of the Home Is the Nursery»: An American Proverb Revisited – Susan Grieshaber: Beating Mom: How to Win the Power Game – Deborah Ceglowski: Who’s Making These Policies Anyway?: How Head Start Staff Interpret Official Policies – Marianne N. Bloch: Restructuring Governing in Eastern Europe: Constructing New Needs for Families, Children, and Childcare – Richard T. Johnson/Maria Gaiyabu: Resisting Normative Representation in the Pacific Islands: Domestic Enemies Meet over Coffee – Chelsea Bailey: To Speak: Problematizing of the Use of Personal Stories in Early Childhood Research – Richard T. Johnson: Reconceptualization as Interruption, Interrogative Punctuation, and Opening.