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New Insights in Germanic Linguistics II


Irmengard Rauch and Gerald F. Carr

Contents: Dagmar Bittner: The definite articles in German. What are the features creating an underspecified paradigm? – Tjeerd de Graaf/Rogier Nieuweboer: The language of the Siberian Mennonites – Kurt Gustav Goblirsch: The third obstruent series in Old Germanic – Eugene Green: Semiotics of compounds in Old English riddles – Yuri Kleiner: Compensatory variation – Anatoly Liberman: Apocope in Germanic, or an ax(e) to grind – Paul Listen/Ilona Vandergriff: PC aspects of human nouns in German – Marc Pierce: On the fate of final obstruents in Modern German – Irmengard Rauch: BAG VI - 2: Toward a grammar of German snail-mail – Irmengard Rauch: Analogy’s hidden triggers – James A. Ritchie: Perceptual cues in the Old High German monophthongization – Kerstin Schwabe: On shared constituents in German coordinative sentences – Donald Steinmetz: The Great Gender Shift and the attrition of neuter nouns in West Germanic: The example of German – Yasuko Suzuki: The prosody and syntax of light elements in West Germanic alliterative verse: With special reference to Beowulf.