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Shakespeare's Theories of Blood, Character, and Class

A "Festschrift</I> in Honor of David Shelley Berkeley


Peter C. Rollins and Alan Smith

Contents: Peter C. Rollins: Preface – Alan Smith: David Shelley Berkeley, Christian Scholar – David S. Berkeley: Shakespeare’s Severall Degrees in Bloud – Alan Smith: Of Lively Grapes and Windy Hops: Blood and Drink in Renaissance English Literature – Kenneth J. Tiller: The Fool as Physician in Shakespeare’s Plays – Dilin Liu/Anumarla Govindan: From Rosalynde to As You Like It: Shakespeare’s Celebration of Blood Order – Dennis F. Bormann: «Thou Art a Villain»: From the Ensign to Iago - Blood Changes in Othello – Kurt Hochenauer: The Art of Class Delineation: The Aesthetic Disparity Between The Shrew and A Shrew – Byung-Eun Lee: Shakespeare’s Villeinizing of Jack Cade – Randy Phillis: The Stained Blood of Rape: Elizabethan Medical Thought and Shakespeare’s Lucrece – Myung-soo Hur: «Vengeance Rot You All!» Blood-Oriented Revengers in Titus Andronicus – John W. Crawford: Secondary Wisdom: The Role of Women as Mentors in Shakespeare’s Plays – Shirley Marney: Some Aspects of Shylock’s Jewish Nature – Esther M. Gloe: The Work Laws, Prosperity, and The Tempest – David S. Berkeley: Claudius, the Villein King of Denmark.