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Passion and Pedagogy

Relation, Creation, and Transformation in Teaching


Elijah Mirochnik and Debora C. Sherman

Contents: Martha McKenna: The Lesley University Series in Arts and Education – Debora C. Sherman: Come to Dinner: An Invitation to a Party – Elijah Mirochnik: The Possibilities of Passion – William Ayers: Creating the Teacher and Changing the World – Cecelia Baldwin: The Telling of Racism - Narratives for Healing and Change – Tom Barone: Who Cares? A Play about Passion in Teaching and in the Researching of Teaching – C. T. Patrick Diamond and Carol Mullen: Experimenting with Postmodernism: The New ‘Gothic’ in Arts-Based Pedagogy, Inquiry, and Teacher Development – Mary Aswell Doll: I Teach, Therefore I Am – William E. Doll, Jr.: Beyond Methods? Teaching as an Aesthetic and Spiritful Quest – Susan H. Gere, Lisa Tsoi Hoshmand, and Rick Reinkraut: Constructing the Sacred: Empathic Engagement, Aesthetic Regard, and Discernment in Clinical Teaching – Lynne Hamer, Sandra Spickard Prettyman, Lynette Brown, Olga Rybalkina, Shirley Mthethwa-Sommers, and Mary Ann Bell: Collaborative Learning and Improvisation: Our Storied Experience – George E. Hein: The Challenge of Constructivist Teaching – Victoria R. Jacobs, Merryl R. Goldberg, and Tom R. Bennett: Uncovering an Artistic Identity While Learning to Teach Through the Arts – Patricia James: Images, Movements, and Sounds: Working Toward Meaning – Jean L. Konzal, Susan Finley, and Kelli Jo Kerry Moran: Transforming Experience: Readers’ Theater as Pedagogy (A Readers‘ Theater Script in Three Parts) – Warren Linds: ‘Taking Care’ as a Pedagogue/Actor/Son in a Theater/Drama Process – Rebecca Luce-Kapler: The Breath of Interpreting Moments – Susan Martin: The Intertwining of Voice and Structure: Reflections on Teaching and Learning – Margery D. Osborne and David J. Brady: Imagining the New: Constructing a Space for Creativity in Science – Carol Philips: Becoming My Own Juliet: Teacher Transformation through Acting Shakespeare – Mary Clare Powell: Why I Send the Poet to Teach My Courses – Rosalie M. Romano: A Pedagogy that Presupposes Passion – Janice Ross: The Dance Critic, the Classroom, and the Re-Education of Perception – Mary Kay Rummel and Elizabeth P. Quintero: Reading and Art in the Lives of Teachers – Karen Covington Soul: Multi-Genre Case Studies – Kim Stafford: The Favorite Song – Audrey Thompson: Entertaining Doubts: Enjoyment and Ambiguity in White, Antiracist Classrooms – Gwendolyn Yoppolo: Finding Center and Balancing There: Spirals of Change in Art and Teaching.