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Essays on the Modern Identity


William D. Brewer and Carole J. Lambert

Contents: Mira Morgenstern: Self and Other in Rousseau: Love, Equality and Equity in a World of Flux – Ronnie Littlejohn: Rousseau’s Beautiful Soul: A Hegelian Reading – Ann Glenn Crowe: Goya and the Duchess of Alba: A Pictorial Confession Revealed – Anthony John Harding: The Romantic Subject and the Betrayals of the Text – Marjean D. Purinton: The De-Gendered Self in William Blake’s Poetry – Carole J. Lambert: The Postmodern Self: «Decentered», «Shattered», «Autonomous», or What? A Study of Theoretical Texts by Deleuze and Guattari, Glass, Kohut, and Meyers – Sally M. Silk: Discourse, Home, and Travel: The Place of the Self in Modern Travel Writing – Howard Giskin: Lest We Not Forget: Memory in Semprun’s The Long Voyage – Dan Latimer: Piracquo’s Missing Finger, Or, The Utility of the Liberal Arts – Kent Brudney: The Making of the Postmodern Minimal Self: Rousseau and the Denial of Dialogical Politics – W. Jay Reedy: Rousseau and Communitarian Individualism in «Late Modern» America: The Interpretation of Benjamin Barber.