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Literature, Film, and Culture Industry in Contemporary Austria


Margarete Lamb-Faffelberger

Contents: Margarete Lamb-Faffelberger/Franz-Peter Griesmaier: Introduction – Herbert Hofreither: Austria: Small Country with Grand Culture? Cultural Industry, Cultural Policy, Art Funding in the Information Age – Walter Grond: Isn’t It Rather Easy to Think Positively? – Jürgen Koppensteiner: «I Would Have Liked to Be Peter Handke’s First Publisher»: A Conversation with Maximilian Droschl – Alfred Pfabigan: «Staatskünstler». The Debate about the Austrian System of Subsidy for Art and Artists – Bernhard Doppler: Hermann Nitsch’s Festivals. Observations from the Prinzendorfer Six-Day-Play in 1998 – Franz-Peter Griesmaier: Representationality and Realism: A New Look at Austrian Experimental Poetry – Carlotta von Maltzan: Voyeurism and Film in Elfriede Jelinek’s The Piano Teacher – Gerlinde Ulm Sanford: Alois Brandstetter and the Culture Industry in Austria – Pamela S. Saur: Market Forces and the Dramas of Karl Schönherr – Edward R. McDonald: Fritz Hochwälder’s Problematic Marriage of Medium and Message in The Holy Experiment and The Raspberry Picker – Robert Acker: Josef Haslinger’s Opernball: From Best Seller to Film Thriller – Mary Wauchope: Sissi Revisited – Ioan Lazarescu: Landeskunde in Film: The Didactic Documentary as Facilitator of Austria-Clichés.